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Committed to providing the highest level of organizing services. We work efficiently; never judging but ever-encouraging and motivating you toward achieving your goals. Our passion is to help you achieve and maintain order so you can regain control of your space, time and your life! You'll receive one-on-one, personalized assistance to make your home efficient, functional and beautiful.

Serious About Service

We're top rated for a reason.  We pride ourselves on advancing our organizing skills in this industry through education, networking and community involvement.  Our organizers are committed to providing non-judmental encouragement and motivation to keep you on track.  We listen to your challenges and implement efficient systems to help you maintain order long after we leave your home. 

Our Services

Whole-home organizing

Personalized one-on-one home organizing service. We work with you, the decision-maker to systematically work through each area of your home to create beautiful, functional surroundings.


Clutter elimination

We encourage you to keep the things you love and use.  We’ll gently motivate you to let go of everything that is no longer necessary in your life. 



We work with you to create a workable paper process and filing-system. We can give your existing system an overhaul so you can easily find important papers and eliminate (recycle or shred) non-essentials.

Unpacking and set-up

Moving is a fantastic time to get organized! We’ll ensure you have a smooth transition in the moving process.  We set up your new space to function optimally, hauling off the emptied boxes, to leave you with a beautiful finished product – a peaceful home.  

Home Staging

Home staging dramatically increases the odds of a faster, more profitable sale.  We’ll help you showcase your home!

Holiday assistance

We offer interior decorating and un-decorating services.  Yes, we’ll handle the entire process: unpacking your seasonal decor, decorating, cleaning up and putting bins away.  At the end of the season, we’ll come back and put it all away.

Our Mission

Organizing In Action

Amanda is very alert and adept at accomplishing the needs of the project. She is very courteous and capable.” Ed H. Handyman

“Amanda is so quick and efficient…I am learning so much from her. She is truly a blessing!” ~Heather C.

“I’m so so glad that I had Amanda come over to tackle my son’s room.  My son was so happy with the results that he kept thanking her over and over again.  It’s been a few weeks and he still has a clean room and he still loves sitting in his chair to read his books.   Amanda is very sweet and efficient.  I will DEFINITELY have her over again and again.”   ~Cindy B

“Very organized, reliable, trustworthy, friendly service.” – Jessica B.

I was moving into an new house and she helped me purge my stuff. Helped me organize. She spent so many hours with me on this project. She is super fast. She’s amazing! – Kathy L.

She did my art studio in my home and kitchen and pantry. Great work! – Amy G.

Fantastic job, very kind and sweet ladies who work very fast but very precise.  A great job.  We are very pleased and highly recommend them.– Marlene M.

Amanda is amazing and works really hard.  The progress made on the project has been a pleasant surprise.  …Amanda does a great job. –Sheila M.

Amanda was very friendly, open to my ideas. She incorporated what I wanted as far as aesthetics and function.  I would definitely use her again for upcoming organizational projects. There is such a feeling of relaxation when I open the cabinets and pantry and see the clean and organized space. – Betty T.

Does very good work, very efficient. – Edward M.

For more reviews : http://www.peacebypiecehomeservices.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get organized? The time it takes to organize depends upon square footage,  how much stuff you own and how quickly you make decisions. Positive results can be seen within 4-6 hours.

What is the difference between a housecleaning service and hiring a Professional Organizer? A housecleaning service will clean the “shell” of your home such as floors, surfaces, fixtures and baseboards. Housecleaners can work independently.  Professional Organizers works with you to de-clutter your space, helping you implement the best organizational system for you to maintain a clean and organized home.

Do I have to buy specific organizing products?  We always try to use what you already own first. Purchasing specific items is not necessary but we can recommend helpful items. We can shop for you and bring organizing supplies to incorporate into your space.

How does this process work? What can I expect? An initial phone assessment or an in-home consultation is scheduled to gather information and answer questions.  Challenges and goals are discussed and a verbal plan is formed. During our first organizing session, we begin in one room and systematically work through making decisions about each item. We most commonly use this approach: Empty, Sort, Purge, Replace, Label. The project is complete or the allotted time expires and a next visit is scheduled, if necessary. The area is tidied and donations, empty boxes and trash are loaded for haul-off.

Why should I hire Peace By Piece Home Services? We are committed to providing the highest level of organizing services. We work efficiently; never judging but ever-encouraging and motivating you toward the “finish line”. Experienced in working with many types of individuals and just as many organizing projects, we are passionate about organizing! Our goal is to genuinely help others become free from the burden of owning too much stuff so they can regain control of their space and their life!

How much do you charge? Our rates are extremely competitive. Four-hour organizing session with one organizer: $280. Four-hour organizing session with two organizers: $440. Four hour project minimum. We offer a tiered pricing structure for projects requiring a team of three or more professional organizers. We also extend package pricing for projects requiring10 hours or more to complete. Haul-off service: $75 per load up to 150 cubic feet.

How did you get started doing this type of work? I began organizing for friends and neighbors and then began receiving additional organizing projects through referrals. I have grown my business slowly and organically.  I now advertise and market my services and have a team of organizers to handle your largest projects!

 What types of customers have you worked with?

•Homeschool families: sorted all curriculum.

•Public school organization leaders: organized the PTA closet.

•Church staff: organized the ESL office.

•Hoarders: removed 50+ bags of trash and countless boxes of excess miscellaneous items.

•Busy single moms: organized entire house and garage one space at a time over the course of several months.

•Single dads and bachelors: unpacking project and implementing systems to get organized and stay that way.

•Perfectionists: organized a garage and gave a master closet a much needed makeover.

•Elderly: while organizing anything from paperwork to linens, our older customers are a treasure to serve.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a professional organizer? Know the professional organizer’s style and approach to organizing. An organizer may have a “coaching style”, offering instruction and supervision but did not actually doing the work along side you. Ask if the professional organizer you are considering for hire “digs in” with you to empty, sort, purge, classify, arrange, and store your items. You’re looking for someone that has the vision of the end result and a “hands on” approach to get you to the “finish line” quickly.

What questions should customers think through before talking to a Professional Organizer about their project? Consider your total budget. Identify items that need to be purchased to best achieve organizing goals. Example: I organized a garage in which utility shelving was needed. We proceeded without them which was not ideal but they were purchased later and garage was reorganized ultimately costing more.

We’ve earned The Best of HomeAdvisor Award!

What does this award say about us? We are part of a select group of service providers.  We earned this designation by offering consistent quality and customer service with the positive ratings and reviews to prove it!  Only the top pros exemplifying premier service are honored with this award. 

Our work

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