Organizing Story Series

At Peace By Piece Home Services, we’re welcomed into people’s homes to become apart of their organizing journey. Organizing together can be an intimate process.  We sort through everything. It is really such a cool experience and we we don’t take this honor lightly.    Sometimes we are privileged to hear people’s stories. People have amazing stories!

Disclaimer: The work we do is confidential and this story is shared with permission. 

When I first began this business, my first several clients contacted me out of sheer desperation! Their stuff had infiltrated their primary living quarters and had become overwhelming. This is still a common reason we’re called-in to help. 

I’d like to share a couple true organizing stories with you.  My hope is that in sharing a few stories, you can be encouraged and inspired; there is hope! Perhaps you can relate to Sam’s story…

Sam called me and shared her challenges: Time constraints, recent move, many boxes to go through, too much paper and family coming to visit for an extended stay to recover after surgery. We decided that the “weekend fast track” was the best option to quickly bring order to her home! I learned that many items belonged to her recently deceased mother therefore, she was not ready to part with many of those items. They would have to be stored.

My thought was, “where?” I needed to identify all storage opportunities on the property and was shown an outdoor storage shed. Bingo!

“You are just going to have to trust me, but I will need to start three steps back from your primary goal. We need to create space.” I informed her. My plan was to create space inside her home by maximizing her allowable storage space. I am not even kidding when I tell you that as soon as I emptied the entire contents of the shed I heard thunder!  Looking up at the darkening sky, I started praying!!  

Seriously, after I had just told her to trust me, now we’re facing a possible rain storm!?

 I picked up the pace, moving all the “keep” items from the house into the back of the shed for long-term, safe-keeping. To keep a long, [funny] story short,  the rain held off and sixteen hours later, the kitchen, living room and dining room were all “clean and clear”‘!  Her storage shed was arranged with frequently-used items located at the front. An indoor office area was tidied and set in order, making a home for incoming paper.  Sam was breathing a sigh of relief and was ready to receive her guests!

She recognized she was short on time, overwhelmed and needed help.  She made quick decisions, making our job easier and the process smoother.  Sometimes we just need to take the first step and realize it’s necessary to ask for help once in awhile and help is always available.  

– Peace By Piece

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