Professional Organizing is an investment in yourself and your family.  Hiring professionals can to help you achieve true and lasting order can save you time and energy.

Amanda Bernal, Certified Professional Organizer


If the condition of your home makes you feel overwhelmed and stressed you may need to get organized. If you prefer DIY here is what we’d recommend:

1. Get Prepared

Prepare mentally. Attempt to eliminate distractions, grab a hydrating beverage of choice and be sure you’re in an organizing mood. Begin in one selected area. The key to success is focused attention. Try not to leave the area you’re organizing because doing so may cause you to become distracted or lose your momentum.

Gather your trash can and a couple boxes or bins.

2. Empty the Space

Clear the space of all its contents.  If you are working with a very large space you can do this step in segments, working only with a given section of the room. This process can be compared to an artist beginning with a blank canvas. Wipe out the empty space (ex: cabinet, closet shelves, floor etc.)

3. Sort/Purge

Decision Time! If you don’t love it or use it, toss it! Less really is More. Clutter creates physical and mental clutter. Use boxes and trash bags to separate everything into categories:

“Keep: Relocate to another space”

“Keep: Belongs in this space”



4. Contain and replace Items

This is the fun part. Now you are only working with the “keep” items that belong in this space. These are all the useful, functional things that you love. If needed, contain smaller items of similar kind in bins or baskets. Replace items neatly in the space. Store your most frequently used items up front.

5. Clean up

Place your donate items in your car, haul your trash and recycling outside and put away all items in the “relocate to another space” box.

Sometimes accountability, guidance and motivation is needed. Call in a friend to help or hire a Professional Organizer. Happy organizing!

Amanda Bernal, Certified Professional Organizer