Hi there, I'm Amanda.

I’m a certified professional organizer and owner of Peace By Piece Home Services.

I have a passion for serving others through organizing and de-cluttering. It is a great joy to help others experience freedom from the burden of owning too much stuff.

As a Professional Organizer, I not only have a great opportunity to encourage and help others but I also learn from the people I work with; it has been incredible to both give and receive! I feel so blessed! I’ve met and worked with other organizers in this growing industry and feel privileged to both teach and learn in these mentorship relationships. I continue to seek out new opportunities to grow and to serve!

I wasn’t “born organized” and my own home isn’t perfect. In my mind, it’s not about achieving perfection but it’s about reaching daily goals and achieving baby steps of progress. That is the way this business has been experiencing organic success and growth. People share their experiences and refer their friends. What a great way to grow, (in life and in business) slow and steady!

My husband and I have been married for 21 years, are serving members of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio,TX and homeschool our children.