Where do I begin? My house stresses me out!

Oh, my friend, if this is where you are, I empathize with you! Can I share something with you? I have actually been in that place of overwhelm!

Years ago, when I was climbing the corporate ladder, my husband and I spent little time at home and when we were home it was to feed and bathe our little ones and sleep. One day I had completely forgot that the pest control guy would be coming over. My house was SO bad, I tried to hide when he came inside to do the monthly treatment.

So, just know that we’ve all been there! Now, what are we going to do about it?

Here are three tips to get you started in the right direction:

  1. Envision your ideal.  Consider the vision you have for your life, your home and your surroundings.  Describe it.  This picture that you’re painting in your “mind’s eye” will be critical in the purging process. Be as specific as possible in envisioning and describing your ideal surroundings and don’t be tempted to skip this important step. It will be the foundation upon which the decluttering decisions are made. It will be easy to “say goodbye” to your surplus stuff if you understand its holding you back from realizing your envisioned ideal.
  2. Identify a donation location.  Where will your unwanted or unneeded items go? Once gathered, they must leave immediately!  So deciding where to send them is vital. There are many options to choose from.  You may choose to host a yard sale. Contact the Salvation Army to Schedule donation pick up , or take items to a nearby donation station. Consider taking your items to Revolution Thrift,  which is my top pick for donations! Identifying a worthy location for your unneeded surplus will help you to part with your items, knowing someone else can make good use of them!
  3. Choose a starting point.  Begin with ONE area that will reap the highest reward. Plan on staying there until your timer goes off (your timer will become your best friend), or until the entire space is completely tidy and organized. Consider the area that drains the most of your time or causes the most frustration.  This may be the desk or the closet.  Excess paper and excess clothing are high stressors. Roll up your sleeves and empty the entire space.  This is like beginning with a blank canvas. Every item removed from the space is a decision. At this point remember the ideal life you envisioned. Ask yourself if holding onto the item will help you achieve your vision. This is where it can get difficult which is why step one is so critical.  Stay put. Make piles. Don’t leave the space you’re  working on because there is a high probability you may lose focus and motivation. If something belongs in another room, make a pile for it.  You don’t need to decide what to toss, just decide what to keep!

Would you like to resolve to become more organized?  You can! Reach out if you need assistance getting started or at any point in the process!

Also, I would love to hear your success stories!

Happy Organizing!


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