The Optimized Kitchen

A Functional kitchen does not have to be sterile. We are naturally drawn to the kitchen; this is the heart of the home!

One of the biggest challenges I personally see people struggle with is countertop clutter. Congested countertops can be alleviated by optimizing the kitchen space. How? Get creative with how the space is utilized. Our horizontal surfaces can be reclaimed by maximizing all storage opportunities and rethinking the way we use the available space.

When we begin a kitchen organization project, we identify all storage opportunities. This allows us to see the full picture and all of the “pieces” of the puzzle for space-planning purposes. In this way, we can approach the organizing project with he end in mind. After the decision-making process is complete and all items are sorted, we create stations for each activity that occurs in the kitchen. When appropriate, we re-locate bulky, less-frequently-used items.

May your kitchen be a blessing to you and to your family. May it function optimally to welcome all who enter.

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Optimized Kitchen

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